Sunday 2-21-10

Today was all about the basics: body weight exercising, quality nutrition, and mobility. We hope you enjoyed it

Special thanks to Bonnie Longley of Preneta Physical Therapy, Doug Summerton of Summerton Farm, and Elizabeth Liptak of Freak Food for supporting the "Sport of Fitness." In turn, you should always look to do business with friendly, local, and supportive businesses.

Also, Liz was not late I told her to show up at 10:30.  Based on the Grand Opening timeline it was assumed that there would be more socializing.  We video taped her presentation and posted is posted today.

Train Smart, Eat Clean, and Smile Often =)

Chelsea Rewind


Bonnie's Bio:(bio from PrentaPT.com)

Bonnie has personally managed and covered the Brien McMahon High School Athletic Training contract for the past 8 years. Bonnie maintains direct contact with Physicians and works quickly and closely with the athlete and their parents to coordinate Physician care following an injury.

Bonnie has her CSCS, and in addition to her stretching program and Athletic Training work, Bonnie focuses on her in-clinic patient strength and conditioning, and training and wellness work. She likes to say, “The best gift for me, is to see my clients happy, making improvements, and getting well.”

Liz and FreakFood visit ECC: Click the Link to Watch the Entire Presentation