Monday December 13, 2010

Great Job to all the 20(+/-) ECC athletes that braved the cold, windy and rainy conditions and ran or supported athletes at the C. Martins 5K on Sunday.  Photos posted in "Media,"and I apologize about the lack of photos, It was very challenging to get everyone with the weather situation.  There are also new focus races posted under "Local Races."

ECC Athletes Battle the Weather for the Kids


On the min for 5 min

5x Squat clean @ 65% of max

2min REST

On the min for 1 min each

Max Reps of:

FS w/the squat clean weight

Box Jumps



Tuesday December 14, 2010


Helen or H-el-en

400m Run

21 KBS 55/35

12 Pull-ups

Helen is done per usual

H-el-en is done with 60 sec rest after each round

Athletes must declare choice prior to 3-2-1-GO

Bonus Round:

4x20 SLDL 135/95(no tap)

4x Hanging L-hold

Endurance:6x800s with 1:1 rec