We had so much fun at the NL Throwdown. It was great to see so many ECC athletes compete, PR, and just clown around outside of the gym.  It was a very proud day for ECC. Thanks for supporting the cause and bringing family and friends to the event. Photos are posted in the MEDIA sections. Results are posted @ http://www.newlondoncrossfit.com/ 

 On another note, Larry and Greg crawled, jumped and navigated through 12 MILES of mud and icy water @ the Tough Mudder. That’s right, icy water! Here is an excerpt of Larry’s race recap:

            “…The course itself wasn't bad- the water was freezing-knocked the breath right out of you. After jumping into 15 ftwater wasn't sure if I'd make it back to surface. Some parts were windy but I average a little less than 10 min mile. Stopped to help some people over the obstacles so I'll give myself 2 mins for that. Overall like I said I feel great now. Took me a good hour to get warm afterwards but good now. Rolled and my muscles are loosening up...”