Friday, October 8, 2010

ATTENTION: Mid-Day Classes Cancelled-Friday 10/8 & Monday 10/11

WOD Times for 10/8 & 10/11 : 5:30, 6:30 am/pm ONLY.

No Change to Weekend Classes

Friday's WOD - Annie


Double Unders [sub single unders 3:1]


Wednesday saw some big PR's go up for shoulder to overhead.  I'm going off the top of my head here, so if I'm off on numbers or I missed someone, let me know so I can get you some props.  Capt. Insano threw up a big 315#, Firefighter Mike got 275# with ease, Tiago manhandled 245#, BLee hit 215#, Big Pete hit 225#, Baby Mark threw up 235#, and Jackie PR'd with 103#.  Like I said, that was what i remember off the top of my head and I wasn't there all day, but nice work to everyone for the continued growth.  We did use a 10 minute cap to find our PR so I'm betting next time we will see even more now that everyone should have an idea of where we are at.  For those athletes mentioned above, quite a few could likely have gone up given another lift.

We have a big weekend for our ECE Team.  Kimmie, Vin, Tom, Shirley, Jill and Woody are at the TTT for 4 Triathlon's in 3 days.  Best of luck running the show down there.  Jason [1/2 marathon] and Rachel [full] are looking to put their Endurance training to the test to rip off some PR's in the Harford marathon this weekend.  The Kusnitz family is headed back to Georgia for a wedding.  Here's to safe travels and promptly posted bail money.  I can't wait to hear about everyone's best efforts this weekend!  Again, if you have something coming up and I don't know about it educate me! [sorry Tom and Shirley, it wasn't neglect, it was ignorence :)]

Below we have BLee's version of Blue Steel.  Brian and Insano rolled down to the rugged maniac 5k last weekend and dominated.  Brian got 1st in his heat and 24th overall with a time of 20:22.  In addition to providing us with this gem!  Ladies, hold tight now...forget the ladies, I may need a minute :)