Tuesday October 12, 2010

ECC has added almost 15 new athletes over the last 45 days. If you see someone new say hello and welcome them to ECC.

Thanks for all the support this weekend we really appreciated all the <3.

Fight Gone Outside and TTT photos posted to MEDIA


8 DL 185/135

3 DH Pull-ups

Sellout: Max Rep

Ring Dips

KBS 70/55


4x60 sec on: 180 sec off, 6x20 sec on: 40 sec off

Jason and Rachel @ Hartford Marathon

Wednesday October 13, 2010

Strength: On the minute

4x Dumpster to Dumpster Dash-repeat on the minute

3x Max Rep Pull-ups (any style)-min on:min off

2x Max Rep OHS 95/65-min on:min off

1x Sit-ups


4x30 squats in to a 200 meter run W:R 1:2