Jan 8th 2010: Friday


Death by 10 meters

10 meters on the minute. 10 meters first min, 2x10meters second minute: continue to run until you can’t make the number required within the minute

Bonus Round

10 RFT

10-Close Grip Push-ups



Swim- 8x100 with shirt and long shorts for drag

Bike -10 x Hill Repeats (short hill-20sec)  

Run-10 x Hill Repeats (short hill-20sec)Some of the 20+ @ Benhaven who attended Coach Vin's Nutrition Presentation

Take Notice

  1. Notice: Foundation Course also availble for 2009 members @ no charge.
  2. Sat Jan 9th: CFM Grand Opening Charity Event (see CFM link for details)
  3. Sunday Jan 10th @ 11:00: Meeting, photos and Assessment WOD for 60 Day Fit Challenge
  4. Next Cycle Date: Sun 10th Wheels rolling @ 7:45am  Remaning dates: Sat 16, Sun 24, Jan Sat 30. Must have bike and bike trainer $10 for the month or $5 per
  5. Individual training option is also now available to allow members to be coached in a 1 to 1 setting.  Technique, Sports-Specific, Nutrition, Endurance programming exc. (see Concept Course and Coaching link for details)
  6. ECC MindBody Online is a new link on the site. It can be used to make purchases, changes to your personal and billing info.