Erin sporting her 25$ gift card from WBR for referring a member.

Jan 5th 2010: Tuesday

Warm-up of the Week


BS 15 reps X 2 @ 65% w/30sec rec

30 Tuck Jumps
12 Muscle Snatches 45/33

30 Mule Kicks
12 Pull Ups


Tabata 8x20on/10off

Ground reaction

ECC will now require that all guest visits/intro sessions be “by appointment only.” We have decided to move in this direction in order to provide the best possible service to our athletes.

We have watched as our long standing members (almost 5 month for most of you) have reached new levels of athletic potential.  From a coaches stand point it is not safe for new untrained members to take part in our “main” WODs. 

For the new 2010 ECC athletes, we will require the Foundation Concepts Course Sessions 1-6 be completed before entering into a main WOD.  This will help create a better understanding of not only technique and ECC expectations, but also help lessen the gap between rookie and veteran CFer.

For those athletes that joined in late 2009, ECC will wave this course but you do have the option to attend.

Take Notice:

  1. Monday Jan 4th: Foundation Concepts Course (6 sessions) starts for new members. M-w-F @ 530.
  2. Notice: Foundation Course also availble for 2009 members @ no charge.
  3. Sat Jan 9th: CFM Grand Opening Charity Event (see CFM link for details)
  4. Sunday Jan 10th @ 11:00: Meeting, photos and Assessment WOD for 60 Day Fit Challenge
  5. Next Cycle Date: Sun 10th Wheels rolling @ 7:45am  Remaning dates: Sat 16, Sun 24, Jan Sat 30. Must have bike and bike trainer $10 for the month or $5 per
  6. Individual training option is also now available to allow members to be coached in a 1 to 1 setting.  Technique, Sports-Specific, Nutrition, Endurance programming exc. (see Concept Course and Coaching link for details)