I just added the log I use to track all of my workouts.  I have set it up through the end of December 2009.  It has just about every workout / warmup I have done in the last 12 months listed out.  You will have to add new ones as they happen, I think I have all the ones we have done with the exception of the last week.  It is titled Wod Log v2 in the Training Tools section of the website.  If you are not familiar with Excel and have questions, see me.  It does not track or graph progress automatically, but it should be relatively easy to review as there are a few fields you can filter on to compare progress on each workout or strengh day.  Towards the bottom is a list of travel workouts that I used to do in my hotel room.  If you are looking for body weight workouts for when you are away, look through the workouts on this sheet.  I traveled for about 6 months nonstop for work and had to work with what I had in hotel gyms.  Again, any question, just ask.  I apologize for any spelling errors or any bonus info that may be in the spreadsheet somewhere.  I tried to clean up my personal tracking sheet and delete all the info.  Hope you find this useful.