9-27-2009 Sunday

That's how Paul and Babe did it!

No athlete made it to the "Bonus Round" yesterday so, I kind of shifted it to today. 

I have not posted a video in a few days because I have been taking video of athletes during class and giving everyone feedback post-WOD.  This is a very important tool in the aquasition and/or redevelopment as it relates to quality skill development/improvement.

NEW weekday schedule is Effective: Monday, September 28, 2009

Athletes-  There are only a handful of slots remaining for the free Endurance Clinic @ our box on Oct 3-4th from 10am-1pm.  Sign-up at the front desk or on the ECC Forum for this FREE Endurance Clinic.

We will be giving away a copy of Born to Run. See staff to put your name on the entry list.

WU of the Week

Warm-up time is 15 minutes from the start of class. 

Arm circles

Squat therapy

Hop drill


Practice double-unders if WU time is remaining.

Skill Work

Back Squat

Strength 5,3,3

Back Squat (advanced)

Front, Overhead or Air squats (beginner)


Bonus Round:

12 min. AMRAP

7 Thruster

7 Push-ups

Elm City CrossFit Endurance: Pick an ECC-E that you didn't do from earlier in the week