Monday, August 31, 2009

Blauer Tactical/CrossFit Obsession

I'm back from the VA Beach cert Tony Blauer opened his gym to host a CF Running & Endurance Certification.  The cert was a huge success with over 50 athletes enrolled.  As far as me, I learned a great deal over the course of the weekend but the sicking point was the way that Tony and his family opened not only their entire facility to us but, their home as well. Random Acts of Kindness make the world smile =)

Me, Carl, John, Jay, Tony, Brain post-WOD @ Tony's house.

Warm up:

Pass throughs


Squat therapy

KB swing


Burgener WU


Five rounds for time of:

95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps

Run 400 meters

Cool down:

Alternating 90's into prayer



+/- 3hrs main WOD

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:

Swim, Bike, Run, C2


3 rounds of (20sec on/60sec off, 20sec on/50sec off, 20sec on/40sec off, 20sec on/30sec off, 20sec on/20sec off, 20sec on/10sec off) Start next round after 10 sec rest..

All out Efforts!