Thursday, August 27, 2009

I know this was a book by H. Clinton and it is also thought to be an African proverb. I think it fits here at Elm City CrossFit. Over the last month we have turned a empty warehouse into a pretty nice CrossFit facility. All the hard work that was done by friends and family is greatly appreciated.

I have used an expression that "random acts of kindness, make the world go round." It can be anything from a smile to stopping your warm-up to help pull a 300 lb. rolling white board off a truck. The simple truth is that without your continued support, and random acts of kindness, Elm City CrossFit would only be an idea.

To the village of Elm City CrossFit:It is with a humbled heart that I extended my deepest and most sincere thanks to all those who have made our dream a reality



Suprise me!



21-15-9 reps for time


Ring dips



Endurance +/-3hrs main WOD

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:

Cover as much distance as possible.

Swim: 10min TT

Bike: 15min TT

Run: 15min TT

C2: 10min TT


World's Greatest Stretch

Roll out