12-21-09 Monday

WOD:  on the minute for 20 minutes

1 pull-ups

3 push-ups

5 burpees



I believe that people are driven to succeed in their chosen endeavors. In 2010, I will train athletes who will be newcomers to the fitness world. Many will just want to learn their exercise program for health reasons. There will also be athletes with loftier goals, such as finishing a race and/or setting multiple PR's over the course of the year.

Undoubtedly many will seek assistance from a friend, family member, or a skilled fitness professional. Please choose wisely! This year you will log countless hours of training in hopes of achieving your goal(s).  

I have put together a sample outline for you to follow.

1. Set Realistic & Attainable Goals
    - Long term
    - Short term

2. Make a Tentative Plan
    -Resistance training
    -Endurance training
    -Nutritional programming

3. Establish a support system

4. Execute, Assess, & Modify