Monday 12-14-09

The staff would like to give big props to the ECC athletes that battled the chilly temps and ran the C. Martins 5k.  Also, I took a few pictures but they suck! So, if you have any e-mail them to us.

Those ECC XC shirts are a product of Nutmeg Sportswear.  Nice work and thanks for the fast turn around with the order!

Today's post title is something I said a few years back.  Someone asked: What do I like most about racing (or something like that).  Today, I want you to reflect and tell us what you learned about yourself.  It doesn't have to be a race. It could also be the completion of a WOD that you thought was impossible.

Start thinking thinking PALEO. ECC will be starting up a PALEO PEEPS challenge just after the New Year!

Athletes (with a bike and an indoor trainer) interested in participating in the ECC indoor cycling sessions this winter post to comments or talk to a coach.

Warm up of the Week

OH squat therapy
Single leg squat w 2 hand touch
KB chop
Burgener WU

Cool down
Stretch and roll




DL 225/185



Air squats


Rest or Recycle