Thursday 11-26-2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I apologize for the late posting of the Thanksgiving day WOD.  I was in the kitchen AMRAP'ing some apple pies for Kim, Cillian and my Thanksgiving roundups tomorrow.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of days tommorrow whether you are with family, friends or hanging tough at your local Boston Market.

Without trying to sound mushy, I have a toughguy rep to uphold you know, I do want to genuinely let everyone know how thankful Joe, Vin and I am for each of you.  This gym is a dream come true, and without each of you, there would be no heartbeat.

In the spirit of giving thanks, ECC will be giving referral bonuses from now through 1/1/2010.  ECC members will receive a $25 gift card to Woodbridge Running Company for each person they refer, who then signs up for a monthly membership.  This is our way of saying thanks to you for spreading the love.  Please talk to Vin, Joe or me for details.

And now, what you probably logged in to look at in the first place...

Med Ball Madness

There is two WOD's posted below.  I would like to have a team based workout, so if we have at least 8 in the morning, we will be doing workout number 1.  Should our numbers be fewer, I know many have prior commitments, we will be doing workout number 2.


Teams will consist of 4 members.

In the first part of the workout, each member will take their turn performing 30 Wall Ball throws.  Only one team member will be working at a time, and must complete all 30 throws prior to tagging in the next team member.

Once all team members have completed their Wall Balls, they will move to the second part of the workout.  There will be 4 stations setup, 1 member at each station.  The team members will perform the work at their station, while the other 3 team members perform the work at their stations.  Once everyone has completed their station, they will rotate.  This portion of the workout is complete when all team members have "visited" all 4 stations.  For these stations, all team members will be working simultaneously.

Station 1:  200 Meters run [carrying your med ball]

Station 2:  30 Kettlebell swings [55#, 35#, or 20# kettlebell]

Station 3:  30 Burpees

Station 4:  30 Push Press [45#, 33#, or 15# bar]

Once all 4 team members have completed all 4 stations, they will complete a 400 Meters run, yup you guessed it, carrying a med ball.  There will be one medball for the team, and who carries it, or how often you pass it around is at your discression.  The workout is complete when your entire team crosses the finish line.


3 Rounds for time

200 meters carrying medball [20#, 16#, 12#, 8#]

30 kettlebell swings [55#, 35#, 20#]

30 burpee balls [20#, 16#, 12#, 8#]

A Burpee Ball is when you do a Burpee with your med ball, and when it is time you jump and clap, you instead throw it at the target.  Doesn't that sound fun?

Final Announcement for the evening:

I believe CrossFit Milford will be doing another WOD for the Make a Wish foundation the first week in January [January 9th I'm pretty sure].  Jason is starting the new year with a huge new facility and we would like to get as many of our members as we can to participate in this workout for a great cause.  I will get all of the details and keep you posted, but I want everyone to file this in their brain.

Thanks everyone, and again, Happy Thanksgiving.  Vin and Kimmie, travel safe and let it all ride on black.

- Coach Bobby