Friday: 10-09-09

This Saturday the GYM will be CLOSED: October 10, 2009: Hartford Marathon Races>

Good Luck to all our athletes competing this weekend.

This Sunday ECC will host it's first free "bring a buddy" WOD @ 9:00 am! 

"Young Scout Training Program?" Time suggestions?

Our introductory member rates expire on October 31, 2009.  If you have friends on the fence put a foot in their backside.


Special Events

November 15th
Free Barry Sears Seminar (founder of the "Zone")
Endicott College
Beverly, MA

Warm-up of the Week:

It's on the board!

WOD: Death by x2

Running Clock

Death by Pull-ups


Death by Wall ball

first minute one rep each, second minutes two reps each, three minutes three reps each, exc.

ECC-Endurance: Time Trial

All Sports:

12 min TT