Sunday: October 4, 2009

We had some personal PR's yesterday with the ECC-Total.  Heavy llfts combined with sold 1.5 mile run times.  We also had our first Elm City CrossFit Endurance Clinic.  Our box was host to a variety of athletes with diverse backgrounds looking to improve endurance efficancy and gain knowledge for future endevors.  I will post more videos and pictures tomorrow!

SUNDAY'S WODs @ 8 am & 9 am

Running Clinic starts @ 10 am




10 position push-up

GHD Hip Extension



40 Burpees

   200 m Run

30 Burpees

   400 m Run

20 Burpees

   600 m Run

10 Burpees

   800 m Run


The WOD is Endurance

New ECC Jacket. Are you interested in 1?


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