The Elm City Underground is Born!  

The Elm City Underground is Born!

September 1st marks the beginning of our new Strength and Conditioning Program at Elm City. We are extremely excited to offer all of our athletes another avenue to create stability, strength, power and overall fitness.

We are currently accepting athletes to join Elm City Underground. The calendar program starts September 1st, but anyone can join at any time. Once you are signed up, you will receive 4 workouts per week. Just like discussed in earlier posts, you will have many opportunities to complete these workouts during the week. The coached classes for the 4 weekly workouts are:

Monday 6-8 pm

Wednesday 6-8 pm

Saturday 8-10 am

Sunday 8-10 am

If you are unable to make those times- don’t worry.  You can come and get your workout in anytime Elm City is open. Elm City Underground is a separate space with its own equipment.

Remember, you can you can and should continue to participate in CrossFit even if you are participating in Elm City Underground. Maybe you start with 2 days a week and then move on to maybe 3 and eventually 4. This program is perfect for athletes who are looking to create more stability, strength and power. All of this will help in your overall athleticism as well as build a better base for your other sports specific needs.

To sign up – just email Coach Joe at joe.kusnitz@elmcitycrossfit.com and your Elm City Underground program will be email directly to you. Your 90 day cycle will begin the day you sign up. If you have any questions or need more specifics on the plan, email Joe!

Good Luck! I hope to see many people take advantage of this new program.