Elm City Underground – Part 2

As we have mentioned before, we are launching our new Strength and Conditioning Program called Elm City Underground September 1, 2015. This club will be programed in 3 month sessions. The great thing about this program is that it can act alone as a power and strength based program as well as work together with all of our current programs at Elm City. This is not meant to replace what you are currently doing but simply add another venue for athletes to train and become more versed, defined and powerful.

ECU timeline: 9/1/15 – 12/1/15 (Anyone can join the club at any time!)

ECU Costs: $225 for current CrossFit Members, $450 for non-members

ECU Facility: We are designating an area in the gym to house our new program. It is our goal to have multiple avenues for athletes to come and get fit no matter what program they may chose. We are also excited to have some new art currently in design to help celebrate the Elm City Underground program.

ECU Program: We will distribute 4 workouts per week. Coached classes will be on the following days/time: Monday, Wednesday 6-8pm & Saturday, Sunday 8-10am. As part of the club, you can join the coached workouts or you can simply do your workouts anytime Elm City is open!  Remember, you have the ECU space ready and waiting anytime. These workouts may not take 2 hours, but we wanted to supply ample opportunity to get them in. It is certainly not out of the question to have club members do a portion of the posted strength workout and join in on the main CrossFit Class assuming the CrossFit Coach knows of the involvement and program.

ECU Notes: This is built as a stand-alone strength and conditioning program, meaning you do not have to make every workout, nor do you have to begin on day 1. But because it is very strength biased, athletes can still participate actively in Elm City Crossfit to further build endurance and conditioning. It is certainly designed to build over time but anyone can benefit by joining at any time.