Variety is the spice of life right? And it is so much more prevalent when we talk about exercise, conditioning and a healthy life style. At Elm City CrossFit, we use many cycles throughout the year to build strength. We phase out our skills to make our bodies respond differently to various elements. But most importantly, we use the concept of constant variation to not only confuse the body but also not allow it to adapt to its environment. Because one the adaption is mastered, the stimulus is no longer as effective of an exercise - this hold true with many aspects of training and in life.


The same can be said for our mindset as well. Changing the warm-ups, changing mobility and changing the workouts are only one facet of our development. Adaption, learn and modify. That is the spice of exercise.

Pull and push - jump and run! Have fun. And know that you are surrounded with individuals who are on your team. You are surrounded with decades of knowledge from not only your coaches but a community of vested and dedicated athletes that are eager to share their experiences as well as their undying commitment to the success of our team!