As many of you know, I'm kind of a geek.  Comic books are just one of my issues [I'm sure you've seen my sneaker collection].  Anyway, Joe and I were thinking about ways to recognize athletes for working hard and had two thoughts, do we go He-man / She-ra and make it a male/female every few weeks, or do we go with one award to acknowledge one bad ass at a time.  Well, the one bad ass at a time plan won, and therefore a 15 inch Hulk action figure seemed the obvious choice for the award.

This award represents an individual who the coaches at Elm City CrossFit have noticed working extremely hard, whether that be a gutsy performance, long term success, etc. [you get the picture, we determine the criteria as we go, but the common thread is hard work and personal improvement].

Every two weeks [give or take as there is one award and we need to make sure we get it back], we will present the award.  We will post a picture of the athlete on Facebook and/or Instagram, so follow us [@elmcitycrossfit] and check there for announcements!  In return from the winner, we want some pictures of you and your buddy, The Hulk, doing whatever it is that you do together.  My goal is to tie this into my new found social media ninja skills.  I'm hoping that we can not only acknowledge people, but have a little fun in doing so!

As I had mentioned in my previous Facebook post, the first winner has already been decided upon, and I am looking to make the first presentation this week.