So today i was at the the gym and i took part in a conversation that really made me think. Sometimes, people can forget to look beyond the bar in front of them. Just like staring at the ass of the person in front of you on the running boards on busy days, you gotta keep in mind that that ass is attached to someone who’s crashing and burning in the middle of the WOD with you.
When i was younger, there were always super intense swim meets for CIAC champs and their subdivisions. Sometimes, you couldn’t hear yourself think in some of the natatoriums. People would rock the friggen roof cheering for a MAXIMUM of 8 people (relays the exception).

At ECC there’s no reason why sh*t shouldn’t echo to New Haven when you see someone putting in all the effort they have to straighten their back in the middle of their 8000 squats or slug their feet back underneath them during their trillion burpees or whatever sweet torture they’re sloshing their way through. They want it just as badly as you, as anybody, as everybody. We definitely want it as a gym.

Definitely a secret to success (Ex High School Captain approved).

P.s. Go Huskies

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