Athlete Experience ~ Lib

I have participated in sports ever since I knew how to kick a soccer ball, run around a track, balance on a beam, shoot a ball, swing a bat, and hold my breathe. So when I moved on from high school sports to collegiate sports, being an athlete was essentially all I knew how to do. Challenging people and being challenge by other people was the greatest high, and I could never get enough. I would wake up at 5am to go jump in freezing cold water. Then I would manage to stay awake all day during my classes to then return to the pool and have yet another practice of swimming and then weights. No one ever told me being an athlete would be that much work. But what got me through all those years, was my competitive drive. I hated losing no matter who it was to, or what I was doing. That drive is what got me through my collegiate years as an athlete. And when that was finished...I had nothing to do. Nothing to fill my competitive drive. Nothing to make me feel as comfortable as I did racing or competing against other people. Until I found Elm City CrossFit, it gave me that time everyday, where I could be as competitive as I wanted. It is what I had been missing since I retired from swimming. It gave me that competition that I love to do, but what was different from this type of competition is it was not dirty, mean or judging. It was the complete opposite. It was friends pushing each other to better one another, and helping each other to finish the workouts. It was the positive competition and that I had missed, and that is one thing that keeps me coming back for more each day. Yes the competition is very important to me but the teamwork we have at the gym is another. It is a community within a gym where coming in first or last does not matter. We help positively push one another, not taking offense if we come in last. We use it as motivation for that next workout. Being a competitive athlete is great but being able to say you are a competitive person at a competitive gym that puts an emphasis on teamwork is and means that much more great!