So lately I have been needing extra motivation, and I felt that since the Crossfit opens just finished I could watch some of their workouts. I want to see how they continuously push themselves even when they have nothing left. SO I recently went online and watched a workout, which I found the most interesting. I am not very familiar with a lot of big crossfit names....but these five names I have heard so much about. I always hear people talking about how far they have come, and pushed themselves.

So I watched this and went to my workout the very next morning and I imagined myself as though I was going against Briggs. I was continuously telling myself to push through every burpee, ever floor push press, and every ab mat sit-up. When I finished the workout this morning I was so jacked up and proud of myself. I used to have to take breaks when it came to burpee's and now I did not need one beak. Looks like I need to watch these workouts before every workout I do.