First morning WOD...not to sure how i actually felt about it since I was half asleep on the way there.
But once i saw the rare opportunity I had of working out with a couple other people, I had to show them the determination I was going to have for this WOD.
As the time is about to start i step up to the bar, preparing myself for (my favorite) hang cleans, push ups, and the intimidating rope climb. I continued reminding myself how this will help me get those chisled arms I have always wanted, that beach body for the summer season coming up, and knowing I accomplished the workout is just a cherry on top.

I remember the steps we were taught with different ways to wrap the rope, and let me tell you; the wrap around trick was the only one I can actually do.
The clock starts I rush to start the hangcleans..pushing through every rep I continued to the pushups, which are also not my best. I dont look at the pushups as a whole, i seperate them into portions so its not as intimidating for me.
Finishing the pushups I saw I was just behind everyone else, but not giving up I pushed myself up to the top of the first rope climb, and then mistakenly forgot I was on a rope...and let go, falling to the ground.
Shaking it off like it did not happen, I pushed myself even harder to try and catch up the whole work out. I made sure fully extend my arms, working the muscle's I had no idea I even had. Upon finishing the workout each of us cheered  each and every person on until they finished the workout.
Though I was not the fastest or the strongest, it did not matter to me. All that mattered was finishing the workout to the best of my ability and that is what I did. Having people behind you for every workout, pushing you, cheering you on to succeed. Even when I had doubts of my ability to finish, my teammates and my own determination got me to the finish line. Who would have ever thought that I could accomplish this.