In the beginning there were three owners, six clients and a garage gym. No one cared about the gym’s image or marketing strategies. No one was concerned with competitive programming. Who could be bothered with box gear and pretty apparel?  It was a simpler time. A primal existence where people gravitated to Elm City CrossFit for the greater good; to better their lives – to be a part of a community who didn’t judge or criticize.

Fast forward til today – almost 6 years later! Two owners, ten coaches and hundreds of clients later we are faced with a very different landscape. Our simple essence and message has not changed but the mode and media on which we stand did. Now we have to speak with a political muzzle careful not to offend the invading local boxes. Taking the high road has become so disgustingly mundane that I have to sometimes look in the mirror and wonder what kind of coach I have become. I am a fighter, I have always been driven with the knowledge that people make the difference. We are in the relationship business; a relationship that relies on conviction, motivation, goals and hard work. Enough with the pretty paint and flashy programming- I call the end to marketing strategies, retention conversions and my box is better than yours!

Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday discounts, Groupons and flash membership sales! Would you discount your hard work? Would you take a discount on your life? Healthier and happier human beings, a collection of like- minded individuals who want to make a change towards a healthier life. An army of people whose only request is to participate in our community- one that is created on the idea that everyone can change and that community is not based on shirt sales but on the value and conviction to your athletic journey. There are no pre-requisites, qualifying credit scores or a list of bullet points on your athletic resume. 

During this official beginning of the holiday season, I ask for one gift. The gift of forgiveness to me and my fellow CrossFit coaches and owners who have become what we so distastefully set out not become. In return, I will extend my helping hand to anyone who will take the challenge and begin your journey with our community. We are New Haven areas oldest CrossFit Box – Elm City CrossFit, I am proud to call it my box but more importantly I’m proud to call it my home. ~The Average Joe