It is a very rare occasion for a coach,  or an owner for that matter, to stop and look around and take in all that we have done – where we have come from, and to give thanks for the journey we endure every day. I had one of those rare opportunities yesterday; the addition of Filthy Fifty into the programming instantly got positive feedback from many of the participating athletes as well as newer athletes who looked from afar with excitement and confident anticipation for this signature CrossFit Chipper. 

As I entered the box on Wednesday afternoon I took note of the packed class and the explosion of names on the board. I was in awe of the courage, conviction, and output that all of our athletes had experienced throughout the day.  I was nervous about my very own personal participation in this hell workout, but took comfort in all the people who had gone before me and  knowing what was expected of me both mentally and physically.

We accumulated a record number of participants for this WOD and Elm City CrossFit set a new record for the amount of athletes at the box in one day!  It had less to do with number of athletes and more to do with the volume of heart. We saw personal records, RX’ing for the first time, buckets of sweat, scaling, and most of all, happy and  satisfied athletes:  satisfied in their participation, satisfied in their output, satisfied members of our community, and satisfied with the understanding of their own journey. 

So for one moment or one day, I stopped the proverbial wheel and give thanks for what we have built together – our community, our process, our box. A place where everyone can come together and act individually on their needs, but also collectively on their journey. ~The Average Joe