My first blog post in a while, so I'm going to try and add a little levity here.  Probably a lot at my own expense, but this picture [the one below] is pretty damn good too.

So here I am over the weekend, relocating and organizing some of my comic books.  A project I've neglected for a while now.  Yes, I know, straight up geek style here, feel free to put a "Kick Me" sticker on my ass next time you see me.  Anyway, so I'm going through right, and I pull out an old Fantastic 4 comic from 1975.  Yup, been a geek since before birth.  I don't even make it past the inside cover and I'm laughing hysterically.  I'm sure you can't wait to know why...

So people have been trying to get fit for a long time now.  Watch TV, and some company is always trying to make you fit with some new product.  Not in 1975, unless of course you went to Gold's Gym which I'm sure had FDA approved supplements.  In 1975, you mail ordered fitness.  I'm not joking, check this out! 

I mean seriously, you can't make this up.  Click on the link below to view the full sized image. It may take a few seconds to load.  I stored a huge ass picture so you could read it. 


You may need to zoom in on the browser, and some of it is a little blurry, but it is well worth it!

Yup, advertising for a "Free Colorful Brochure".  Straight up check boxes for Body Parts you want jacked.  I don't have much of value to add here other then read this and be entertained.  I'm just saying, dude was pretty jacked in the "Before" picture, and I'm checking every box in and hoping for the best.  Stay tuned, coming soon to ECC, the "ULTIMATE MASTER PLAN for TOTAL BODY DEVELOPMENT."  Class times TBD.