Hey everyone, the ECC Blog is back!  It has admittedly been slow for a while.  For that, please accept our apologies.  We are dedicated to bringing you at least 3 posts per week.  Education, pictures, rants, raves, high fives...we will have it for you.  The comments section is active, so please, post em!

Some Announcements!

We are adding a 4:30pm class on Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's.  This is in effect next week, August 5th!  There is no change to the other class times, there will now be a 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm on Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's.

At ECC we are always looking for ways to make you better athlete's and fitter human beings.  One idea we have tumbling around is an addition of some Open Gym times throughout the week.  The plan is to have a coach staffed, but not necessarily on the floor [that is called personal training, we offer that already].  This program would allow for athletes to get some additional skill work in, or complete scheduled doubles, etc.  I know everyone just got excited about scheduled doubles, but temper it.  Scheduled doubles are as they relate to specific training programs, such as the OPP [Open People Prep] Program.  Which we also want to talk about here.  Please keep in mind, that these Open Gym sessions would only be available to our Unlimited Members.  Remember, you can switch your membership package at any time!  Please post your thoughts and comments on this as your feedback will help to determine our implementation of the class.

So on to the OPP Program.  We will be ramping this up in the next few months to start getting ready for next year.  It is never too early to set goals for yourself and make a plan.  We had a successful showing last year, and would like the program to grow even more.  If you are interested in doing well in the Open and becoming a more competitive athlete, this program is for you.  Come talk to Joe, Vin or I if you have any questions.  We would like to start gauging interest now so we can plan the training sessions accordingly.  More details to come, but for now, let us know if this is something you will be participating in.

Thanks everyone for making ECC what it is!  A great community of like minded individuals always striving to improve themselves.  Remember, our annual camping trip the weekend of 8/23.  It has been a blast every year, and the attendance keeps growing.  Keep your eyes peeled for some additional details.

Post away to comments, we are listening!