What do you say when you feel as if something was taken from you? “Hey gimme that back!” Well for the runners, family, friends as well as the surrounding area at the 117th Boston Marathon, there is no redo. Sure for the majority, there will be other races. Memories may fade as new more pleasant ones attempt to paint over this tragedy. Truth be told, there is not another 117th Boston Marathon and 15APR2013 profoundly changed countless lives across the globe.


I am sickened by the cowardly acts set in motion yesterday at the Boston Marathon and my thoughts go out to those impacted. To the brave men and women who ran toward the explosions. I applaud those selfless men and women who without hesitation or question bravely faced an uncertain situation and undoubtedly helped or saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. That's America!


Today when you wake-up, you feel connected and angered by these acts. Express your support and patriotism by hanging your flags, wearing red,white, and blue shirts, ties and pins to work, post a status update, change your profile pic. Be a Patriot!


All I know is that we are all living here on this planet. So people need to really take inventory as to what's important. Hug your family, call your friends, and try to be nice to people. I am 6000 miles away and everyone looks, acts, and talks way different than you and I. In reality, I have learned a few names, had a few conversations, but I am still aware of my surroundings. Do we stop living our lives? No. Sure we may grieve but we will still go back to work, go out with friends, and attend huge open gatherings. Stay Alert!


Train with passion, live with purpose, and sprint for the finish.