To all the coaches at Elm City Cross Fit.

I would just like to say Thank You!! About 7 months ago I went to the doctor for my routine annual physical and we were going over my blood work and the Doc says that my ALT / AST numbers (liver function) are elevated, so being on a statin drug for high cholesterol for about the past 7or 8 years I assumed it was from the medicine. It was right around that time I started doing cross fit. After the first couple weeks I went to Joe's class on nutrition and decided to give it a try just cutting out the sugar and bread, pasta etc.. I also decided to stop taking my cholesterol medicine (without consulting with my Doc first) Well its been about 7 months and I go in today to get my blood work checked Doc says cholesterol numbers look good and I can stay off the medicine and to keep doing what ever I"m doing. I want to give all of the coaches at Elm City cross fit a Big Thanks for all your help!!


Mike Krasner