It has been nearly a week since Jason performed his final workout at Elm City CrossFit. But, only today he leaves our state, our community but never our hearts. Jason, we wish you a farewell and safe travels as you begin your new journey in Florida. You are more than welcome to scope the website and even return anytime you are in the area.

Here is a note Jason sent us a couple of days before he gave us the gift of his own signature farewell WOD “The Delvecchio”

“Yo!! I wanted to send a note to let you guys know Friday will be my Swan Song at ECC. It is difficult to put into words what the last three years has meant to me not only athletically but personally. I came to ECC having been an “athlete” all my life, yet broken and in search of the elusive what’s next. What I found was not only a way for me to grow athletically, but a new family of likeminded people. ECC has helped transform me on so many levels. Outside of my “sugar cube” body, I am better athlete, a more informed person nutritionally, and I have countless friends who I can lean on should I ever stray from the path. I’ve run two marathon’s since coming to ECC as well as several Half’s, 10K’s and 5K’s PR’ing along the way! If I can keep healthy who knows what’s possible!! Typically, you don’t get to choose your family….they are yours for better or worse (most times worse!!). I was blessed to be able to choose my dysfunctional ECC family, and I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world.

I am grateful for everything ECC has allowed me to attain and will certainly be staying in touch with everyone!”