I would like to thank each member of our community who took part in our move and for those who have made Elm City CrossFit into the premiere coaching facility and deep rooted community it has become. Without your influence, participation and will to become better individuals, we would not have had this amazing opportunity. Thank you so very much!

I also wanted to take this opportunity and explain some exciting stuff going on at ECC. As some of you have noticed, the off-class time, non-coached workouts have become a bit more advanced and frequent. This is due to the increased interests in several coaches and athletes desire to compete in the CrossFit Games Open coming in Feburary 2013.

As a CrossFit Games Regional competitor in 2009 and 2010, I can tell you the lay of the land has changed tremendously since its inception. This athletic competition has become one of epic tests of fitness and has evolved into a sport of its own. Due to the changing landscape and fitness demands, those wishing to compete at this level must do so with complete focus, motivation and dedication. This brings me to my next point. We have athletes who have shown interests in this type of competition and extensive programming. I am one of those individuals who have made it my goal to prepare myself for the up-coming CrossFit Open season. Like I said before, this type of endeavor requires extensive training and dedication as well as a well-designed periodized program that will elicit the correct timing for execution and workout performance.

I have been training for this event for a couple of months now with other coaches. Only recently have we had other athletes ask to take part in these non-coached workouts to prepare them for the Games. Let me be perfectly honest about the entire thing. With everything going on with the move and our continued push towards bettering our current athletes, I have had little time to fully develop a program for the entire population of Elm City CrossFit who are interested in competing in the CrossFit Games. I was wrong to think that those individuals who may be interested in competition would simply come forward and ask to participate. As our competition group has grown, so has a misunderstanding to the motivation and invitation of this group. I take full responsibility for this lapse in communication and I hope everyone understands that this group was not created as an exclusive workout. It was simply designed to adequately prepare those individuals who are interested in the Open. I take fully responsibility for not having a comprehensive program designed for everyone to participate in. I only ask for your forgiveness and try to see it from my perspective as a competitor. I am trying to ready myself for competition and I know the value of working out with others increases the intensity, fun and momentum of any program.

So, I want to be completely clear about what has been tagged as the competition wods. Any athlete and member of our community is more than welcome to participate in these workouts if you are truly interested in competing in CrossFit. At this particular time, I do not know how much interest there is in this, so the formidability is not there yet. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about this program to contact me so I can gauge the interest at Elm City CrossFit. I will ask that anyone who is interested, meet at the gym Saturday, September 22 at 11 am for more information on a potential competition team.

Again, I am truly sorry for anyone who felt excluded and I take responsibility for not presenting up-front the expectation and a plan for execution. Hopefully, any affected athlete can know that my workouts were not intended to be exclusive and that my motivation has always been to make people the best athletes they can be. I hope that if anyone is interested, that you will come and participate in this epic effort. ~ Coach Joe