Just like every other weekend throughout the year we have athletes from our Elm City CrossFit community participate in a multitude of athletic endeavors and this weekend is no different. We witness our members step up to the line and succeed time and time again with great strength and a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  However, once in a while, certain weekends are marked by truly amazing feats of adventure, motivation, courage and accomplishment. This is one of those weekends.

We have two athletes, Brian and Jill who will be participating in Ironman Louisville this Sunday. I speak from all of the coaches and fellow members when I tell you good luck! Not only will you be enduring one of the most notable endurance events on the planet but you will be doing it representing all of us here at Elm City CrossFit. We are extremely proud and honored to have been a part of getting you to Kentucky. Now it is time to do the job.

An Average Joe’s perspective on why we do the things that we do…

The need for adventure makes you register

The fear and motivation makes you train

The strategy and commitment gets you to the starting line

The pride, honor, determination and guts get you to the finish line