Athletes performing outside their comfort zone

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to coach you last week. It is very rare that I get to see so many of the wonderful athletes and personalities that populate our beautiful community. It was an honor to share this short time with you and was very meaningful for me as a coach, owner and fellow athlete.

Although i spoke about this last week during class several times and was able to talk with many of you individually throughout the day,I still felt it noteworthy to bring it up again. I speak for all of the owners and creators of Elm City CrossFit that we have spent an enormous amount of time, effort and passion to build our box, community and family. During this time of transition to our new location and any changes that may occur along the way, you can rest assured that our original focus, desire and vision will never be compromised. Rest assured that the Elm City you are a part of now, will never change in our core values or conviction. If anything, we will become better. 

The founding members of Elm City are not interested in presenting a watered down, substandard, ineffective fitness facility. We are poised to continue with our original vision forging the sport of fitness. One that is not illusive or exclusive. We will continue to be a facility that fosters continued growth, understanding, participation and success. We will continue to be one where the members matter and remain the core focus of our diverse community. 

Welcome back NickBrian keeping himself occupied Brian, Steph and Marta doing work