Below is a message from Liz who spent the entire weekend performing all of the workouts with several others. I was happy and honored to have been a part of such an amazing event. Although, I have to admit, I felt at times it was the Elm City CrossFit show at Hamden High....

Hi Everyone...I just wanted to extend a special thanks to StacI (sp?) for organizing our ECC team this weekend at the Relay event. I also wanted to tell all of you who donated, WODded, camped, walked, fed us, or just hung out---how much I appreciated this weekend. As a cause/fundraiser this event was personally significant and emotionally bittersweet. Without making it in any way about myself--I do feel the need to acknowledge how wonderfully supported I feel by our ECC community. The way you all turn out for each other and for the community at large is just remarkable. Not to mention how kick-ass it felt to workout with everyone all weekend!! I enjoyed the time spent getting to know everyone a little better as well. Thanks for a truly inspiring weekend. Y'all are some really good folks. (Apologies for the verbosity of this comment.) ~ Liz