Why Elm City CrossFit is so popular? Every participant, even those who casually follow the program can see results. Additionally, in this day where time and convenience is of the up most importance, CrossFit can be done virtually anywhere and with limited amounts equipment.

What is Elm City CrossFit all about? By definition it is a core and strengthening program that is based on the concept of high intensity functional movements where the athlete varies the time continuum to create confusion in the body. The end result is the body responds to this stimulus in a flight or fight mentality recruiting all of the resources and energy systems the body has. The constant variation ensures that the body will not ever get use to the environment. By using gymnastic, resistance and endurance types of movements, the variation and effectiveness of the program is unmatched.

Why do people love Elm City CrossFit? One word – camaraderie! Besides the instant results that most participants get, I have witnessed first-hand how this type of programming attracts all types of personalities, body types and individuals. We find a collection of like- minded people working out towards a similar interest. That interest will vary among individuals but the core motivation remains. People have a goal, no matter the goal – everyone has a goal and it is the dynamic of the community and environment that ensures everyone gets at least the opportunity to realize their goals. Moreover, it takes adults back to their roots. No matter if they were on a competitive team as a child or even later in life, this environment gives them that opportunity to be on a team again. They are athletes competing again, on a team again, and most importantly, we have a responsibility to our team – our community to show up and give all of ourselves.

Why so trendy? By design, CrossFit is small group training led by a certified coach. Anyone can obtain his or her level one certification by simply completed the required hands-on certification. Besides the results that are so readily present, it is a concept designed by the founder and CEO of CrossFit Greg Glassman that entrepreneurs and small businesses can exist today. It is the ultimate American dream. Given a motivated leader and the desire to create a solid product, virtually anyone can be a successful gym owner.

Future of CrossFit? I certainly cannot predict the future. But judging from the momentum that has been created in the last 5-7 years since CrossFit showed up in the mainstream, I can only see a continued bright future. My only hope that it keeps its basic, down home sense that fitness is not exclusive or elusive and that everyone can participate. My faith remains that we continue to celebrate not only the celebrity faces of CrossFit but we honor, rejoice and recognize all those working professionals and average Joe’s who have learned and found their own fitness and healthy lifestyle potentials.