This story is loosely based on actual events. You could replace the names, bitches with bros, F3 w/ TQN, and BFF w/ bromance, exc.

Early morning December sky

Fran fell off the wagon around Halloween. Fran has kids, parties, candies, yada, yada, yada. November was more of the same but now there's also pies, cakes, Black Friday, cookies, Cyber Monday not to mention weekly holiday parties with friends, food, and drinks. Now it's early December. Shoppers there are 25 shopping days till Christmas, diabetes, Chanukah, or coronary heart disease.


Fran made the choice to get up and start working off the 10-15 pounds of “holiday” weight gained in the last 45 days. Unfortunately, her target start day is after the New Year and that's 30 days away. Well her co-worker, we'll call him Badger asks “why not now?” “Get up and get going.” After all, there's plenty of time to look better in your handmade, snowflake, pine tree, Santa sleigh, super busy, holiday sweater. Despite the peer preasure, Fran remains stern with the early January start date. She insists that she has no time. Remember she has the kids, shopping, Facebook, parties, status updates, work, posting pics of her new tattoo, walking snoopy and excuses..


Finally it's January 10, 2013. Go time! Fran purchased her 600$ head-to-toe "Lulu" gear. She talked her BFF Barbara into waiting/committing with her. This is going to be their year. All they want, is to get “F3” (fit, focused, and fabulous). Fran and Barbara go to the gym everyday for the next 17 days. Elliptical, bike, little purple aerobic room weights. Well, they don't want to get bulky. Apparently, they want to look like they are terminally ill.


Well, Fran loses 5 pounds over the first 30 days. Told you bitches, “it's my year.” During the second month she plateaus and her motivation and resolve begins to diminish. “Kill it bitches, Redbull gives you wings!” 2 more pounds down. Serious energy crashes, adrenal fatigue, and binge eating birthday cake over the next 15 days puts those pounds back on and then some.


Over the next 3 weeks, Barbara gets a boyfriend and no longer keeps her gym schedule. Fran continues her yo-yo exercise and nutrition never really making progress. Sometimes she is down weight and other times she is up. She weighs herself everyday and is frustrated by her lack of progress.


What should Fran do?

What are some of the fitness/nutrition issues with this story?



Each year, millions of people will use January 1 as “the date.” This is the magical date on the calendar when habits, behaviors, and lifestyles change. Time happens and only 10% (1 in 10 for those still using an abacus) of those millions will have long lasting results. You must believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. In our nutritional guidance, as well as the exercise programming. It should be wholehearted and not a half-ass attempt. Fitness and nutrition in general are great in that if you put in 100% you get 100% in return.


Successful athletes:

-work with coaches to develop realistic goals and assessment parameters

-implement a plan that is designed to allow you to safely reach your goal

-understand that commitment to the program (nutrition & exercise) is not “most days of the week,” it’s 24/7


But don't forget to:

-improve your mental readiness and preparedness because it’s more gratifying than mental bargaining

-understand that exercise should not justify unhealthy nutritional habits


Every athlete at ECC has potential along with the best resources at their disposal to look, feel, and perform better. This is not a rah rah speech. It's a factual statement. All the tools you need to achieve any realistic goal is just a short drive, a mouse click, or a phone call away.


Train Hard, Be Smart, and Happy Holidays