Throughout this week, I have been very lucky to be given the opportunity of meeting so many people with our association with FitWeek. It has been an extremely fun experience talking about fitness, healthy living, proper nutritional choices, but above all – about our box. In many cases, I was overcome with excitement as I talked about all the components of our box. What makes Elm City CrossFit different than all of those other CrossFit gyms? How are we any different than any fitness programs? The answer, my friend, is simple. The proof is in the pudding!

Look around our box at all of those athletes stepping out of their everyday lives for an opportunity to make better choices and to become better – regardless of what “better” means to them. We are not professional athletes – but in our box we train like one. From a coaches’ perspective, we coach you as if you were. We enter the doors everyday with the understanding that we are expected to work hard, maintain impeccable standards, support our teammates and maintain an intensity level that is far and beyond any felt at other facilities. This is our playhouse. Let’s Play!

It was ultimately a very simple experiment. I asked those introductory clients to look around the room. We are surrounded with various body types, ages and motivating factors. We are collectively joined together at Elm City CrossFit as a cohesive unit - like-minded people who play together daily and who keep coming back for results. I was like a proud father – pointing to different athletes, recounting various stories of success and accomplishment.

So, as this FitWeek winds down, I would like to thank those brave individuals who decided to come down and give Elm City CrossFit a try. I tip my hat to all of those athletes who decided to join our special community after your positive introduction. And lastly, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my Elm City CrossFit family for making our introduction to the outside world an overwhelmingly positive and lasting impression for so many.