Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 1 ECC @ the Finish!

Early weekend post for you.  Figured it was either now or 4 in the morning, and lets face it, I'm likely the only one up to read it...what kind of fun is that?  We are going to try and enjoy the last few days of moderate temperatures and take the workout to the parking lot.  A little number called;

Fight Gone Outside

This workout will be done in the style of Fight Gone Bad!

There are five stations.  Each athlete will spend one minute at each station, accumulating as many reps as possible.  Once that minute is up, athletes will switch to the next station.  Five stations in five minutes, then you get a one minute rest.  Three times through we go!

So to recap;

5 Stations

1 Minute at each station

3 Rounds

1 Minute rest between rounds

Max Repetitions

Station 1 - 10 Meter Sled Pull [45/35]

Station 2 - Burpees

Station 3 - Sandbag Thrusters [50/25]

Station 4 - Box Jumps [24/20]

Station 5 - Tire Flips [many sizes to choose from :) ]

Again, best wishes to all our athletes in motion over the weekend.  I'm intentionally not wishing you good luck, because luck is irrelevant...Preparation however is relevant!  I see you busting hump day in and day out and I have no doubt's that you all will perform above expectations!

For those of you hesitant to come and throw things around outside...look how much fun it is :)

...and because I don't think this picture will ever get old...


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amnesty Sunday - pick a WOD from the week

8am Competition workout, you know the drill, you see it when you show...and show up to throw up :P