Monday, October 11, 2010

Congratulations to Jason and Rachel for their accomplishments in the Harford Marathon!  Congratulations to Jill, Shirley, Kimmie, Tom, Woodie and Vin for their accomplishments in the TTT!

I want to get this post out there for the night, but I will be adding some commentary and photos of this weekends activity, so check back tomorrow for updates!  As these guys were doing work all weekend, I haven't had a chance to hear all the stories or get the rundown, but once I do, you will hear all about it.  There is a folder in the media section already set up for the TTT, so I know Vin will be posting some pictures up there upon his return.  In the meantime, check out his videos on facebook.  You can see the exhaustion on his face, and I can't even imagine what it was like to travel over 140miles over such a short period of time.  Again, that team of 6 triathletes continues to push the envelope, and I am proud of them, as I know you all are as well.

Rachel PR'd her marathon time by 7 minutes based on the gun time, which means it was likely by a little more based on the mat time.  Unbelieveable job!  Her mental toughness pulled her through.  No surprise there as she gives full intensity for every workout.   I don't know if Jason's time was a PR or not, but he came to us battling some running injuries and wanted to get back healthy and strong.  His hard work has certainly paid off because my man is slim, trim and fast.  He beat his goal time of 1:35 for the half by almost a full minute.  Comment's posts suggest that Rachel and Jason met up for a photo op at the race, so hit me up with that lovely pic so I can get it up here!

Lindsay hit up CrossFit Caliente in Albuquerque and did some damage while outside the box.  And not to be vague, but Tony is somewhere out there showing up at random CrossFit gyms making it happen.  Not sure exactly where he is now, but he is definitely out there spreading the ECC love.

Erin made it safely back to Cali after her cross country tour with Ma Dukes!  Best of luck out there and make sure you come visit.  If I'm not mistaken, Erin still has her house here unsold, so you know where the next ECC party is going down :)

Back here on the homefront, we did some work in the parking lot Saturday.  Again, I've got a shit ton of photos on my phone, and once I dump them to the website, I'll get some posted up here.  Fight Gone Outside was a hit, and we had an exhausted crew when that was done.  I think it snuck up on everyone.  The nervous pees were absent, which leads me to believe this bear was underestimated.  Round 2 had folks feeling differently.  Larry and Danielle take the weekend MVP...scratch that, their whole family took the weekend MVP.  Larry and Danielle had top reps for male and female, Noah was running about bare assed, Natalie was about half a breath away from telling me to go F myself, and Danielle puked on herself, facilitating the need to buy another shirt so she wouldn't have to go out in her sports bra.  Top marks in my book!

It seems to me that every weekend we are out there doing something incredible, pushing ourselves and testing our mental discipline and our physical conditioning.  That is what we are all about here at ECC, and I couldn't be more pleased with the like minded wonderful people that we train with!

Again, sorry the post is lacking photos, I will remedy that soon.  But for now, check out the photos for Fight Gone Outside in the Media section.  I just put 120+ photos in there from this weekend.  Tomorrow's post will include a few of the gems in there!

Monday's WOD:

12 rounds [6 minutes of total time]

100 meter dash every 30 seconds, on the 30 seconds

[Clock starts, athletes sprint 100 meters, at :30 they sprint 100 meters, at 1:00 they sprint 100 meters...]

3 mintues recovery, then...

50 Wall Balls [20/16] with an added squat - FOR TIME

[Athletes perform a good old fashioned Wall Ball toss, but while the ball is in the air, they will perform an additional squat, without the ball, catching the ball after extending out of the squat, and repeating the motion...50 times]