Friday, August 7th, 2009

Today is a CrossFit Mainsite rest day, but no rest for the weary here.  Elm City CrossFit has started to move in.  The pullup bar / wall ball / rings stations have been fabricated and are almost complete.  Here is Bobby and Joe doing some wiggling on a temporary part of the frame to make sure there are no lawsuits in the future.

You can see below our task force of painters we hired to make this place pretty.  Our young scouts were good for about 5 minutes before they decided there were more fun things to play with in an empty warehouse.

Today's rest day workout is in honor of Vin's sister's 27th birthday.  We wish her another year of health and happiness, and a beast of a WOD to get her next year rolling.


Shoulder pass throughs

Hanging kipping drill

Knees to Elbow (KTE)

GHD Hip Extention

Skill Work

Med ball clean



Run 400 meters

27 Burpees - singing happy birthday

Lunge 100 steps

27 Airsquats - take a deep breath

Run 800 meters

27 Sit-ups - make a wish

Run 1600 meters/1 mile

My Sister and Nephew