Monday August 8, 2009


High knees

Butt kicks

Straight legs chase Straight arms (inch worm)

Straight arms chase straight legs


Run: 4 x 800

Work/Rest ratio 1:1 (If it takes you 3:30, you rest 3:30 and repeat)


Use the McMillan running calculator to figure out what to run your 800 meter repeats at.  Imput the time from your last 5k TT and it will calculate your 800 time based off of your 5k. 

Remember 800's are short enough to hammer but long enough to blow-up.  Start at the high end of your window and try to stay +/- 5 seconds.

Good example - 4x800 @ 2:59, 2:58, 3:00, 2:55

Bad Example - 4x800 @ 3:30, 2:55, 3:40, 3:55 (Second interval Blow-up, BOOM!) 


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